Keep Calm and Make Your Own SCARF!!!

“Not all superheros wear cape, some wear scarves.”

“In terms of fashion, I love adding a fun scarf to whatever I’m wearing – it’s a great way to dress up a plain outfit…” – Bridgit Mendler


Finally my sixth blog. (Thank you guys for your love and support)

Well when it comes to scarves, Scarves never go out of fashion. They just add spice to your outfit and gives a whole new look the your outfit.

AND… Yes, I too love scarves a lot even though I don’t wear them often. (but hey… I still love them)

Then I thought why not making my own scarf (for a change and is not a random thought … you will know.. so keep going). Well I thought how difficult can it be.(hmmm… it was a little difficult… can’t deny that fact… but it was all worth it)

Sooo… I thought of doing something different. Then I tried a different technique to create a scarf (THE technique which we don’t usually see in a scarf). Something different, something creative… something .. hmm .. I don’t know exactly how to say… something complicated.(hahaha.. well that’s exactly what I had in mind from the beginning and I ended up doing exactly the same)



So how this started…

Well as all of you guys know by now that I am a fashion designing student (Those who don’t know, well… Hello.. I am a fashion Designer). Actually we were given a project to make accessories taking any country as a theme. So I took Africa as my theme because I was inspired by their art. I was amazed by their MUD-CLOTH designs and patterns. (seriously… geometrical but beautiful designs). Well their designs are usually in brown shades, beige or black. But I went with navy blue kind of color, then also it came out so beautifully. So, that’s how this mater piece was created (not exaggerating).

Well, the technique I used was a bit lengthy one but totally worth it. This technique is called BATIK DYE.

(P.S. – I am not a expert… this is just how I did it)

Materials Used in this process:-
  • Fabric (which you wanna dye) – I took pure Georgttee
  • Paraffin wax : Bee Wax = 65% : 35% (well… this is how I used)
  • Color [color salt & color base] – I took blue color
  • Salt (just simple plain home salt) & oil
  • Wax Heater
  • Gloves (dying can be a lot messy)
  • Draw your pattern on the fabric.
  • Heat and mix the waxes in the wax heater
  • Apply the wax on the areas you want cracked effects otherwise where you won’t apple that area will be simply shows color.
  • Let it cool down.
  • Now mix the color base and oil in water tub or container. Mix color salt and Normal salt in another water tub or container.
  • First dip the fabric in the former container then in the latter.
  • Let it dry.
  • After it dries completely, then iron the fabric by keeping the fabric between the papers or newspapers, so that all the wax is removed. (do this step again and again.. until the wax is removed completely..)


The cracked look is seen (basically that is BATIK effect), was where I applied the wax and for the darker portions I didn’t apply anything. At the end, I just added some beads and feathers at the corners. This type of scarf can be styled with both western and traditional outfits. This scarf is soft, lightweight, beautiful and can go with any outfit.

This is Anupama Garg, my friend. She is an amazing fashion blogger. Do check out her Instagram account. (@anupzzgarg)


This scarf can go with kurtis also. It can be draped as a stole or like a scarf wrapping around your neck. Like  below my friend wore this scarf with cream white kurti. It looked amazing.

This is Navjot Kaur, my friend. She also modeled for me.

BeFunky Collage

I hope you liked my post. ( I know this post is having more of a “How to..” but I hope you liked it). Do comment if you have any queries. If you guys need anymore information regarding the technique, please do comment. I will reply ASAP.

Guys believe in yourself a little more. Don’t let anyone or anything steal your happiness.

Stay blessed. Stay happy. Always keep smiling.


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