Coffee + Me = Let’s try to work smarter, not harder..!!!

Happy new year to everyone. Hoping that you all will have ab amazing year ahead.

Getting sooo many new year wishes. 😵 But what More surprising is that getting wishes from people you haven’t talked to for ages…😌🤔🤔
(feels like – Oh! Now you Remember me..!!! And Oh! Oh! Oh! I remember you ) 😂🤣


My journey from latte to black coffee has been pretty amazing. Coffee and I really does have an amazing relationship. It always manages to relax my mind and helps me be back on track.

So new year has finally started. Even though I know I can’t keep any new year resolutions but subconsciously I want my life at least a little more organized. ( I guess everyone does that… thinking of  ” Man!!..I should start doing this or that from this year” )

So I started thinking and then overthinking about organizing my life ( my forte is overthinking ) and then finally getting depressed over the fact that why I haven’t managed my life choices and my work ill now. I mean I really want to learn ‘Time Management’. ( really bad at it ). But at least coffee is the only thing for which I can find time easily.

And somehow I was managing my blog, Facebook page and Instagram page, now I ended up creating a twitter account also. ( Vola!!! )

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, and Albert Einstein.” ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.


MY Friend, H.Jackson Brown Jr.  

Our thinking doesn’t match after all. Because I want to do tons of things but it seems like I don’t have enough time.

Yours Sincerly

So I tired to follow so many ‘Time Management’ tricks and tips (from google and my superb mind) and below is the list about how I dealt with them :-


Efficiency and effectiveness are not the same. Someone who works hard and is well organised but spends all their time on useless things is efficient but not effective. To be effective, you need to decide what tasks important and focus on them.

Oh! I am clear about this. (well… I guess so) About my important things and what are my goals BUT this laziness of mine destroys everything. ( bhoom!!! ) But what matters is that I am clear about my GOALS. ( at least in my mind … phew!!! Well… which can gets confused after every millisecond )


Have a reminder system. Don’t try to remember everything in your head. Carry a pen and paper wherever you go.

VOoo…till this date I have bought tons of diary, just to have a scheduled time table. Each time while buying a new diary I think that this time I am gonna maintain it .But don’t know about managing my work. I definitely ended up buying tons of diaries. ( in hope of finally managing my work Some Day). But …….. now creating a hobby of collecting diaries.


This was another thing that I got obsessed with. Still sometimes I end up buying just because they are of different from the previous ones that I have. It looked so cool when others do. huh

(well this point is not that important, just feel like writing it.. so… here it is..)

BeFunky Collag56e


A daily list of tasks that need to be done is an essential part of action planning.

“Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.”Benjamin Franklin

hahahaha..This is the thing I can’t even think of starting again. I can’t do things accordingly to plan I make. As I am more of ‘on the spot’ doing things person or you can say ‘going with the flow’ person. ( but hey that doesn’t mean I don’t plan anything, I like to plan things like what are my future plans – which always end up in a HEADACHE!!!)


They say don’t allow unimportant details to drag you down.

hmmmmm… Don’t know about distractions but a lot of times I surely eliminate my work or something I am doing for DISTRACTIONS. ( well that’s quite common to me ) It’s more like I get distracted easily. But I try really hard to actually ‘Eliminate Distractions’ for work.


Break down work. Work step by step. When we rush from task to task, it’s difficult to stay focused and motivated.

This is the only point I follow, very delicately without any problems. For me, its more like doing tasks between the breaks. XD


Leaving exercise part aside, I sleep and eat a lot and with full dedication. hehehe

  • Enjoyment should always be the goal. Work can be play. 

These are some few points that can be followed easily. Guys these above mentioned points are worth trying as these are really effective if you delicately do your things and manage time properly. Because in the end, its all about DEDICATION.

I am also trying my best to follow my own tips. Because A lot of times I regret not being well organized and managing time.

In the end, I will say, that if ‘you love what you do and do what you love’. And you won’t be stressed.

I hope you guys likes my post. Do comment if you guys have any queries.


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