Who’s ready for 2018?

“I found myself in a sea of busy places, in a world of blurry faces
I found myself, on the edge of insanity, I found, I found me…”

— song by Anna Clendening


Happy new year guys in advance.

SO the big question (or may be every year question) is ‘Who is ready for a new year?’. Well am certainly not. It feels like ‘Oh damn the year is already ending?’. There’s so much for me to do. I have not done even half of the things from my to do list. (well..I don’t really have one… just an imaginary one)

Well on the other side, am quite happy. 2017 was pretty amazing for me. This year I found myself. Well that’s a really big achievement for me. ❤

Second big question is ‘What’s your new year resolution?’

hahahaha ..XD.. I am gonna laugh it off , I don’t know – why I am even mentioning that question. Because I myself is very bad at making and keeping my new year resolutions. It’s like making few resolutions and after a week or two, totally forgetting about it. Or getting tired of keeping that resolution.

But this year I gained a lot of confidence. Well a lot of things happened.                  Hmmm… lets see:-

  • I got a lot better in my illustrations and painting. Well I was actually quite good at sketching (not exaggerating)from the start. So it was easy for me to grasp up the things that were taught to me in designing college. (that I am attending right now)

Here are some of my illustrations and painting.

BeFunky Collage123

I started doing illustrations as a freelancing job. My friend who went for the London Fashion Show Fashion Scout. Well that was my first ever paid illustration. I will show you these designs after some time. (but to tell you the truth I have done this once or twice.. but hey Now am open for this…open for orders)

I actually won the Vogue Honours Award 2016  (I will be discussing about this in detail once they put the winners list on the site) which I came to know because they came to college to announce the next 2017 competition as well as the winners name.

  • I started blogging. Which I never planned on doing in the first place. (Blogging and I just crossed path and now we like each other) It was like a project for us (as I am a designing student – am pursing Masters in Fashion Design from INIFD). We were supposed to post 2-3 blogs and that’s all, so that we can understand, how we can reach more people through for our future career. As some opt fashion blogging, designing, illustrating or anything they wanna become as a career option. So these things like Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, etc.etc.etc. are great platforms to reach more people.

But what I didn’t know was that, at the end of the day, I will be hooked up to blogging. Yah seriously, now I don’t want to stop even though blogging sometimes messes up my mind, like really bad. Because it may seems easy but its not that easy. There’s lots and lots of thinking because I don’t want to post something with I am not satisfied.

  • I have found Myself. ❤ (yah I know I have already mentioned that above because I am really happy about this). Not totally I would say but I think I have started to walk in the right direction.

I felt like may be I have found something that I can pursue without giving it a second thought (still saying maybe huh… me and my confused mind).

I got appreciated for what I loved, I love and I will be loving i.e. art, my drawing skills, my illustrations and my own designed and stitched clothes. Now I feel like, YES this was the THING I was waiting for. But now I have to just work hard towards my goal. Rest is everything in God’s hands.

Yah, these were the things that actually made my 2017 really amazing. That’s why I don’t want 2017 to end. It gave me so much.

But lets hope 2018 will be more amazing than 2017.

And I am not making resolutions except one that I gonna keep working hard. Rest I don’t think I can keep them. But I will go with the flow. So lets see how 2018 is gonna turn out for me. (fingers crossed)

Planning your life is good ( well, certainly I can’t do that). But guys life is not all about planning everything before hand, sometimes you just have sit back and go with the flow.

Guys once in a while, ‘allow life to surprise you’.

MY MOTTOES :- “Don’t expect, expectations leads to disappointments”. And “Always expect the unexpected”

I hope you guys liked my post. I love to know about how your 2017 went. DO comment if you guys have any queries. Please do share your thoughts. I would love to know about you guys. ❤


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