My First Dress Ever…

“One is never overdressed or under-dressed with a BLACK DRESS.”

— Karl Lagerfield



Yes! Yes! Yes!

The first dress I ever stitched. That was a whole new experience for me… like BOOM!!!


‘Women who wear black lead colorful lives.’

Well that’s true…

I specially designed and stitched this Black dress just for my Convocation Day.

Vooo Hoo Hoo.. It felt like forever. I just prayed, prayed and prayed that somehow my fairy-godmother will come and magically finish this garment for me. XD

Here’s the story about my black dress

I wanted something elegant and classy. So I decided to go with a black dress in which you can never go wrong. Moreover, I didn’t want to have shiny or shimmery dress. So I went with trousers/pants fabric to give my dress a more formal look.

Oh it took me like forever to stitch this dress. Lot of things went wrong. (like…really.. a lot of things). I undid the sewed thread (because I made mistakes while sewing) more than actually sewing the dress.

(no kidding – actually became master of undoing the thread)

But what matters is “All’s well that ends well”.

I bought two fabrics – one for lining and another well that was the main fabric.

AND then I followed the traditional steps. Which involved from researching, to getting confused about everything, to pattern making and finally stitching the master piece .. VOLA!!!….

(And yah a lot of guidance from my mentor)

My look

I kept it simple.

  • HAIR
    • Wavy
    • Open (free!!!)
    • Chain Watch
    • Earrings
      • black – drop shaped – studded around the border
    • Sling Bag
    • Classic black pencil heels
    • Light Base
      • Primer
      • Concealer
      • Foundation
    • Eye Make-up
      • Liner
      • Kajal
      • Mascara
    • Red Lipstick (but not too bright)

Yah… well… that’s it…. and Yah a big and beautiful smile on my face (and a lot of self-confidence).

That was my look for the convocation day. However, I would like to show one more look for this dress.

Actually I worn this dress again after few months for some party. I carried more of a casual look by pairing this dress with…

  • Denim Jacket
  • White Shoes

(here’s the look)


I hope you guys liked my post. Do comment if you have any queries or want to ask something, feel free to ask.








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