Oh! Color…

Oh! color Oh! art supplies mine..
O, stay and hear; your true love’s coming,
O, never say that I was false of heart
Take all my loves, my love, yea, take them all
Mine own loveth f’r thee is f’rev’r….


Sooo.. how was my poem? It’s good right? 😉

(after working so hard on coping lines from different poems of Shakespeare and then mixing them up).                                                                                                                                   I some how… wrote this poem on my own. (proud) (so much hard work)

I guess you guys have guessed it till now what I am gonna talk about in this blog.                      I don’t think as an amateur artist i can never be satisfied with my art supplies even though I might not even use “some of them”. Because i might find something better than those “some of them”. Or I might not use them in the work I do (fashion illustration and painting).

HA he ha he…XD…. these above listed points can’t stop me to buy them because I want to use them and feel satisfied. (want that feeling of experienced those “some of them”) (Hunger for colors/art supplies – is biggg)

Whenever I see something different or better art supplies. MY MIND – buy! buy! buy!

So… that was all about my relationship with my colors and art supplies….

Now lets talk about what colors do I own (or I have used them but not have right now) and for what use…..

  • Camel Artist’s watercolors (cake colors)- (i guess every Indian watercolor artist must have used this and might be still using .. like me)
  • Camel Artist’s watercolors (tubes) – haven’t used much but these have more pigment than the cake colors
  • AQUARELLE – Liquide De Masquade – the best thing you can have for your watercolor paintings
  • Staedtler LUNA aquarell 48 watercolor pencils – best ones that are easily available in stores
  • Camel Soft Pastels – really cool colors for giving a soft texture
  • SAKURA Micron pens – must have. Any outline, any intricate black colored designs or anything .. just boom!!!
  • ShinHanart TOUCH twin markers – do wonders, especially skin tones
  • COPIC sketch markers – I only have them in skin tones ..but they do wonders .. just glides over the page..they have brush tip (new, not used that much but they are great) (problem— not easily available and a little expensive than touch twin markers)
  • COPIC original Marker – I have this only in black right now
  • Camel Oil Painting Colors – new to me. recently started using them. (learning oil painting)
  • Camel Purified Linseed Oil
  • Camel Distilled Turpentine 
  • Camel Poster Colors – I am not really a fan of these. I hardly use them.
  • Camel Fabric Colors – can be used on type of fabrics.
  • PEBEO Setasilks Colors – (kind of fabric colors) but these are used on thin fabrics like organza. these are THE best. (but little expensive)
  • Glass Colors – used them only once or twice till date.
  • Camel oil pastels – I know. I know. People don’t usually use these but trust me these colors can also make beautifully paintings.
  • MUNGYO Power liner  these are really handy and
  • RESINOVA Bond Set – I used these to decorate lamps and diyas
  • BRUSTO watercolor paper (300 gsm) – Best
  • Ivory Sheets (A4)- use these all the time for my illustration.
  • Watercolor sheets 90
  • Brushes – CAMEL and FINE ART
  • Gold PENS – SNOWMAN and PILOT 
  • Fevicryl Gold Dust and Silver Dust

That was all for now guys. I tried my best to cover everything I can.

But if you guys have query about anything, please feel free to comment down below.



5 Replies to “Oh! Color…”

    1. Thank you @sammyandsufi for commenting. Sorry for the late reply.
      yes art is really interesting with no end. In the field of art, its never too late.
      Happy new year in advance and have a happy year ahead. ❤

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