So, Let’s the story begin…!!!

Once upon a time, there was a confused princess…
[i know its cliche… but hey come on .. every girl is a princess in her story 😉 ]

Stories feels good and nostalgic when its starts with ‘once upon a time’ and have a princess, who wants a happy ending .


There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part.

so i just want a happy middle and a happy start.

“Was it confusing because it was artistic, or artistic because it was confusing?”                                                                                                                    —Joyce Carol Oates


I know many of you guys might have thought “What kind of a blog name it is?”,

Well i thought the same, so no offence taken. (ha ha ha)

Guys it was really difficult for me to decide what to write for my first blog because I don’t want to restrict my blog page only to one side. Because I am a Painter, Fashion Illustrator and Fashion Designer. So i want to share everything with you guys about what i learnt and experienced in all the above mentioned categories. Or maybe I might just talk about other stuff.

Well I am lefty (kind of ambidextrous) … I am supposed to be creative… (cliche!!!)

You might be finding this first blog post boring… Guys more than 90% first blog posts sucks. I am not just saying i have actually searched that down. I don’t know but I spent I guess more than 2 weeks to decide what my first blog should be about. (see… confused)

But it still amazing that I somehow finally decided to blog which is quite a hassle. (Vola, big achievement)

So, guys lets get to know each other. I will start to post my blogs weekly (maybe in every fifteen days or maybe in a month). Well i am new so bear with me. (grateful)

If you guys want me to post about something, comment down below. Reviews are important (do comment). so that i can improve myself.

Hey! remember if you feel like everything is not going accordingly to plan and you are feeling really confused, that means ‘picture abhi baki mere dost!!!’

Thank you guys.




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